Commingled Recycling In the Roll Cart

Newspapers & Magazines: Just toss into the roll cart.

Corrugated Cardboard: Flatten boxes and toss into the roll cart. For large boxes, flatten and place next to the roll cart – stack no larger than 3’ x 3’ wide. Do not include wax-coated cardboard.

Scrap Paper: Scrap paper includes: unwanted mail, envelopes, fax paper, greeting cards, paper egg cartons, paper tubes, and cereal boxes. Place scrap paper into a brown paper bag and toss into the roll cart. Do not include tissue paper, paper towels, or paper coated with food, wax, foil, or plastic.

Metal Cans: (including aluminum and tin/steel food cans). Rinse the can clean, and toss it into the roll cart. No need to remove labels.

Aerosol Cans: Thoroughly empty the can through normal use, remove and discard the plastic cap, and toss the can into the roll cart. For your safety, do not flatten/puncture the can, or remove the nozzle.

Scrap Metal: Scrap metal includes foil, bolts, hangers, and all other metal objects. Place all metal that is smaller than 36 inches long and less than 40 lbs. into the roll cart. Do not include metal that is contaminated with plastic, food, or other non-metal materials.

Plastic Bottles and Milk Jugs: (plastic bottles have a neck that is smaller than the base). Remove and discard the lid, rinse the container clean, and toss into the roll cart. Do not include plastic bottles that have come into contact with motor oil, pesticide, or herbicide. (Plastic bottle recycling may not be available in some rural areas at this time.)

Rigid plastic containers and bottles:

  • bottles, containers, and tubs 6 oz. or larger;
  • milk containers—do not crush or flatten;
  • margarine/butter/yogurt/cottage cheese tubs—no lids please!
  • rigid buckets 5-gallons or less—with/without a handle;
  • rigid plastic plant pots 4” or larger (not the kind you can easily crush)

Milk cartons and drink boxes: Remove any plastic (handles, spouts etc.), rinse clean, drip dry, and place into the roll cart. Straws and wrappers need to be placed into your regular garbage cart.


Beside the Roll Cart

Glass Bottles and Jars: Use your red or yellow bin to collect recyclable glass. Remove the lid and rinse the container clean. Do not include window glass, mirrors, cookware, drinking glasses, or broken glass. Place the container next to your roll cart.

Motor Oil: Pour used motor oil into a “see-through,” unbreakable container (one-gallon preferred) with a screw top lid. Place next to your recycling roll cart.


Yard Debris


The Washington County curbside yard debris program includes:



grass clippings

branches and prunings*

*no greater than 4″ in diameter and 36″ long.

Christmas trees, cut up to fit into the rollcart
with the top closed.

Please do not include:




food waste




household garbage



animal waste

It is important not to use plastic bags, metal clips, or plastic ties to set out your yard debris. Plastics and metals do not decompose and will contaminate the recycling process.


90-gallon roll cart:

180 lbs. or lesss

60-gallon roll cart:

120 lbs. or less

32/35 gallon can:

55 lbs. or less

30-gallon kraft bag
(no plastic bags):

45 lbs. or less


45 lbs. or less