Residential Service & Rates

We serve customers in unincorporated Washington and Multnomah County, Beaverton, and Portland. The rates we charge are controlled by the governmental entity serving your residence. It’s not necessarily the city in your address, it’s the city or jurisdiction you pay taxes to. Many people in our area have a Portland address but actually live in unincorporated Washington County.

Beaverton Rates • Portland Rates • Washington County Rates (see below)




Unincorporated Washington County – Urban Residential Rates

Urban Area Residential Monthly Charge (Includes Garbage, Recycling & Yard Debris Service)   20 Gallon Roll Cart (Walker Provided) 35 Gallon
Roll Cart
(Walker Provided)
60 Gallon
Roll Cart
(Walker Provided)
90 Gallon
Roll Cart
(Walker Provided)
Rate   $21.09 $22.96 $33.32 $39.40

Distance Fee: Monthly fee charged to residential can/cart when receptacles are placed more than 5 feet from the curbside or the roadside.


5 feet to 150 feet $13.00

151 feet or more $20.00
Extra 30 gallon bag/32-35 gallon can of garbage $6.25
Over Capacity Charge $2.75
Will Call Monthly Service Fee $9.24
Will Call Collection Fee (Per Scheduled Pick Up) $4.44
Yard Debris Only (60 gallon) $4.66
Yard Debris (Additional Cart) $3.75
Extra Yard Debris 32-35 gallon can/30 gallon bag/bundle (each) $3.00
Residential Recycling Only $5.25
Call Back Charge $14.17
NSF Fee (Returned Check Fee) $30.00
Service Reinstatement Fee $25.00
Unscheduled Services (Per Hour) $75.00